Example of  Blue Pomeranian puppies. For your viewing pleasure.

Quality Blue Pomeranians are rare. The easiest way to produce blues is breeding two blues together. Orange Sable and Lavender produces blue. As long as BOTH parents carry a copy of the dilution gene blue offspring may be produced. Blues can range from the silver to almost black, and it can be difficult to tell a blue from a black by just looking at photographs. However, when the dog is actually examined, it should be obvious that the nose is blue. The eye rims, lips and pads will be a grayish blue. The eyes are generally lighter and may be blue at birth darkening as the dog reaches 1 year old. True dilutes are sometimes known as "born blues". This is because the dog will display the blue color from birth. Other puppies may appear black before developing a silvery grey undercoat and a darker slate blue top coat.