Example of Cream Pomeranian puppies. For your viewing pleasure.

Quality Cream Pomeranians are rare. The easiest way to produce creams is breeding two creams together which produces 100% cream.  Generally, cream bred to cream produces poms that appear  white but are one shade darker. If one does too much breeding of cream to cream, it increases the chance of producing Poms that have the appearance of their ancestors, much larger in size. There are several shades of cream that may be described as very pale almost white, orange or yellow color. A cream is an even self color throughout with no white breechings. The cream color changes as the dog matures often due  to the harsher texture of the guard hairs. The top coat may appear slightly deeper in color, pale orange or yellow then the undercoat. Jackson is a good example, demonstrating with maturity the harsher guard hairs turning the lemon shading colors often described as orange or yellow. Creams must have black eye rims, nose, lips and pads. Pale points may indicate other color genetics at play such as the dilution gene.