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Grooming your Pomeranian

Below is a list of grooming tools. By far my favorite pieces have been some of the least expensive ones and some of the most expensive my least favorite. With so many tools to choose from, one could begin to wonder where to start. The items shown below have personally been tried and I have as part of my grooming kit. This is a basic list for the person with a desire to groom their own Pomeranians. Most can be purchased on Amazon or the Show Dog Store.
The Pomeranian requires routine bathing and grooming. Puppies as early as 5 weeks are started with mini grooming sessions to make this process enjoyable to the puppy. It is important this process is started early. The puppy has been taught to stand for grooming and if here long enough; to lie on each side to line brush the coat out. A groomer will find this helpful when grooming and less be less stressful on the puppy. The coat can be maintained at home with a weekly brushing or more often if needed in between visits to the groomer.

Bathing / Brushing

The Pomeranian requires a bath about once a month and more often when showing. Bathing the coat to often can strip the natural oils that take care of the coat naturally. The first step; is to mist the coat lightly before bathing and brush out the coat. This helps eliminate breakage when removing mats and tangles. Once the Pomeranian has been completely brushed out it is time to give a bath. There are many good products designed to bathe the Pomeranian. For deep conditioning Cindra Reconstructor works well to treat a dull dry coat. For general use, coat handler shampoo and conditioner can be used. Be sure to rinse all the product out thoroughly. The conditioner is good for spritzing the coat when brushing the coat prior to bathing. Use a towel, blotting the coat, so as not to break the coat. When most of the water has been removed dry the Pom completely using an industrial dryer (best) or a hairdryer on low setting. Brush against the hair to separate the hairs as the coat dries. A slicker brush works very well for this. Once the Pomeranian is dry use a comb, starting at the end of the hair and working toward the skin going through the entire coat for a complete comb out.

Trimming (Lion Cut, Shaving or Puppy Cut)

Many Pomeranian owners choose not to groom their Pomeranian and put their Poms on a maintenance schedule with a groomer. In this case, they choose a lion cut or shave the coat. These cuts may be low-maintenance; however, it takes away from the natural look of the Pomeranian. The puppy cut, (often called the teddy bear cut) trims the entire coat within 2 to 3 inches; evenly throughout the coat; a nice in between solution for low maintenance, without affecting the texture of the coat. Once the Pom’s coat is cut short; such as when trimming for the lion cut or shaving; the texture of the coat may not grow back the same, sometimes resulting in a patchy coat, changing the texture entirely. If you wish to show your Pomeranian, maintaining the coat with light scissoring, creates the look that the breed standard calls for. The paws and the anal area can be kept clean by trimming with clippers which gives a nice clean trim. Scissoring is also a good method to keep neatly groomed. A groomer can clip for a potty patch, trim nails and with regularly scheduled visits, keep your Pomeranian looking fresh and feeling his or her best.


Nails should be kept as short as possible. A groomer can do the nails as often as needed, once a week, ideally, but every two weeks should keep them from clicking on the floor. Dogs that are very active; walking, running or playing on hard surfaces, may not need their nails trimmed as often.