Example of  Sable Pomeranian puppies. For your viewing pleasure.

The easiest way to produce sable is breeding two sables together  Generally, a sable bred to a sable produces  more sable offspring. Sables have black eye rims, nose, lips and pads and have black whiskers. A orange with black hairs intermixed in the coat, is still a sable and tend to display guard hairs with dark tips.  Many Poms outgrow the sable and can appear orange but still be a sable. Many sables have black across the back, called a saddle. Black masks are fairly common in a sable, often fading to a lesser degree as the dog matures. Sable changes many times from the puppy stage to adulthood and one really never knows how the dog sable pattern will be until the dog matures. When a dog is a blue sable the sable will display blue in the coat and across the saddle. The eye rims, nose, lips and pads should display the blue to be a true blue sable.