Why do breeders place older dogs?


Show breeders are perserving the breed standard when they show their dogs. At the end of the day not all turn out to show. This is due to some small cosmetic defect, that doesn't meet the criteria of the show standard, such as a flat open coat, or the puppy held back doesn't have the right show temperament. Puppies should love to show. These puppies are also placed into homes where they are happy just laying around at home as a companion. Simply put breeders cannot keep all their dogs due to time constraints, not having enough love to go around to each individual dog as much as they would desire. The wise thing is to place them where they will be loved and cherished as forever pets. They are vaccinated, and in most cases they are spayed or neutered, and if needed, when possible, dentals have been done before placement. Older adults are generally good at going outside to potty. They are crate trained, microchipped and most are leash trained. Some adults are not leash trained and are happy just running around the yard  that doesn't require any leash training to play outside. Retired show dogs that are retired to pet homes have been in class, are leash trained and are comfortable being in crowds and around other dogs. Puppies are not for everyone and a junior or adult may be more suitable without all the work of a puppy.

Prices typically range $800 to $1200 for retired adult dogs.

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